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MM La Fleur, The M Dash

Mixing Friendship With Business: The Co-Founders of Wonder Media Network on Being Their Own—and Each Other’s—Bosses

Fittingly, Wonder Media Network (WMN) co-founders Jenny Kaplan and Shira Atkins became friends through an entrepreneurship class at Brown University, and they stayed close after each moving to New York to pursue different career opportunities. Last summer, they decided to quit their jobs and start WMN, an audio-focused media company that kicked off with an ambitious podcast series, “Women Belong in the House,” about the record number of women who ran for office in 2018. Here, they talk about the fallacy of work/life balance, the upside of working with a best friend, and how they learned to talk about money.

How My Mom’s Run For Congress Made Me Rethink Everything About My Life

In this op-ed, Jenny Kaplan, co-founder of Wonder Media Network and host of the Women belong in the House podcast, shares why her mom's decision to run for Congress inspired her to quit her job and reinvent her life.


Glamour Magazine

I Watched My Mom Lose on Election Day. Here's What We Won.

Eleven months ago my mom decided to run for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. Last night I felt prouder of her than ever.

Here’s the catch—she lost.

From the beginning, the experience watching my mother run was inspiring. Last December Kathy Manning decided it was time to step up and take action; she couldn’t just stand by and watch as our country veered down a dark and twisted path.