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Our Team

Meet our award-winning team of producers, storytellers and strategists.

Adesuwa Agbonile


​​Adesuwa Agbonile is a producer at Wonder Media Network, where she’s worked on a variety of shows – some of her favorites include Teaching Texas, The Amendment, and As She Rises. She’s most interested in stories that twist your perception of reality. If she’s not writing a script or working in Adobe Audition, you can probably find her laying on a blanket in Prospect Park.

Edie Allard

Managing Producer

Edie is a Managing Producer at WMN, working on leading shows and developing company systems. She’s a proud New Hampshirite, animal lover, and chronically online YouTube junkie. Both her sun and moon signs are in Aries – and even though she doesn’t really believe in astrology, she’s been told this “checks out.” She leads production on many of WMN’s Brand Studio projects, including the Webby-winning Possible podcast, ActBlue’s Build the Change, and Pfizer’s Science Will Win.

Adrien Behn


Adrien Behn is a producer at Wonder Media Network. She has loved collaborating on Season Two of I Was Never There, Possible, and Envy Enlightened. Prior, she independently released two seasons of her travel show Strangers Abroad, along with the historical globe trotting spin off series A Race Around the World: Based on the True Story of Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland. She graduated from SUNY Purchase with a major in Psychology and minor in Gender Studies. She spends her off time looking for the best flight deal.

Carmen Borca-Carillo


Carmen Borca-Carrillo is a producer at Wonder Media Network, where she works as a writer, editor, and audio producer across the company’s narrative series. Prior to working at WMN, she hosted and produced the award-winning student series Looking for Violet, a 4-part series on lesbian rom-coms. She holds dual degrees from Fordham University and Fordham’s Graduate School of Public Media.

Hannah Bottum

Junior Producer

Hannah Bottum is a junior producer at Wonder Media Network. Previously, she worked on shows like Humo: Murder and Silence in El Salvador (Sonoro), an in-depth look at the country’s long struggle with gang violence and government corruption, and Crumbs (iHeartMedia), an audio memoir exploring identity, family trauma, and addiction. She holds an M.A. in Journalism from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism and a B.A. in International Relations and Spanish from Claremont McKenna College.

Michele Dale

Head of Strategy

Michele is the Head of Strategy at WMN, where she oversees partnerships, distribution, and growth. She works across the business, from supporting clients like Nike and Pfizer to launching award-winning originals like Teaching Texas. Prior to WMN, Michele co-founded the intersectional feminist zine Bossier, and held positions at BDG, The Atlantic, and IBM. Born and raised in New York City, Michele is a graduate of Georgetown University and spends her free time exploring new restaurants, bakeries, and cafes.

Abbey Delk

Junior Producer

Abbey Delk is a junior producer at Wonder Media Network. She works on narrative shows like White Picket Fence, which explores American politics and history through a feminist lens. She attended Fordham University and worked in the WFUV newsroom as a producer and occasional host on the weekly podcast Cityscape. She earned WFUV’s Exceptional Student Broadcaster Award as well as a New York State Broadcasters Association Award. She hails from West Virginia and loves long walks and even longer conversations.

Maddy Foley

Senior Producer

Maddy Foley is a senior producer at Wonder Media Network. She’s produced all kinds of shows, but her favorite kind of work is getting to develop narrative series like Gravity, White Picket Fence and The Cult Across the Street, and helping people tell their own stories in their own voices. A consummate Midwesterner, she still freelances at a rooftop farm and grows peppers on her fire escape.

Aria Goodman

Art Director

Aria leads art and marketing design across WMN Originals and branded work. Some of her favorite projects include the poetic, place-based designs for As She Rises, the humorous identity for Teaching Texas, and the monthly thematic graphics for WMN’s daily history podcast, Womanica. Aria is also the unofficial staff photographer and can be found snapping pics at all hours of the day. Previous to joining WMN, she worked in-house at GGN and IA Interior Architects.

Madeline Goore

Executive Assistant

Madeline Goore is an Executive Assistant at Wonder Media Network, where she helps out with marketing and development efforts, and anywhere else she can lend a hand. She loves being a part of an organization that helps uplift underrepresented voices. She’s a graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University where she studied Magazine Journalism. Outside of work she can be found playing tennis, rock climbing or exploring Brooklyn.

Luci Jones

Production Assistant

Luci Jones is a Production Assistant at WMN. Before WMN, she worked on Mike Birbiglia’s comedy podcast Working It Out, WNYC’s culture show The Helga Conversations, and RIPR’s environmental series Possibly. Luci majored in Media Studies at Brown University with a focus on audio storytelling. She was born in Tokyo, Japan but calls the great state of North Carolina home. She’s passionate about crunchy peanut butter, running (but only slowly), and corgis. She’s adamantly against eating celery.

Lindsey Kratochwill


Lindsey Kratochwill is an editor at Wonder Media Network. She works with hosts, producers and other partners to shape stories and translate ideas into compelling audio. She particularly loves helping people find and write for their voices. Before joining WMN, she worked as a magazine editor at Popular Science, and as an audio producer, writer and story editor for a wide mix of award-winning podcasts.

Coco Lurz

Partnerships Associate

Coco Lurz is a Partnerships Associate at Wonder Media Network. She works across original shows in managing existing and new partnerships. From brands like Mercedes-Benz, and Nurtec, to organizations like Planned Parenthood, and ActBlue, she’s most proud of the relationships that have been cultivated, and clients’ excitement to come back and partner again. A Michigan native & University of Michigan graduate, Coco enjoys travelling, volunteering, and exploring the city in her free time.

Grace Lynch

Senior Producer

Grace Lynch is an audio journalist and Senior Producer at WMN. She is the creator and host of the podcasts As She Rises, Teaching Texas and Winning Wisconsin which have been recognized by the Ambies, Webby and Signal Awards for excellence in podcasting. The latter two were also named by Vanity Fair and Variety in their annual roundups of best podcasts of the year. Prior to joining the team at WMN, she covered politics and sports for FiveThirtyEight.

Brittany Martinez

Managing Producer

Brittany Martinez is a Managing Producer at Wonder Media Network where she works across a variety of shows including Words to Win By, The Amendment and Camp Shame. Prior to WMN, she spent years working in radio news and podcast production. Brittany fell in love with all things audio and storytelling at Seton Hall University’s radio station WSOU. When this native Brooklynite is not in the office you can find her in one of four places: a baseball game, a bookstore, a concert or the gym.

Paloma Moreno Jimenez

Production Assistant

Paloma is a production assistant at WMN. Her multifaceted role includes producing for Build the Change — stories about people at the center of progress — and creating dossiers for Possible — an award-winning show about the future of humanity and tech. Prior to WMN, Paloma interned at Radiolab and Art of Power, and produced stories for YR Media’s Inherited and NPR’s Next Gen Radio. As an undergrad at Stanford University, Paloma researched oral testimony as a form of protest and cathartic healing for migrant mothers, also guided by her own experience as a queer fronteriza storyteller. Paloma enjoys cafecito, touching grass, and cheffing it up in her kitchen.

Emily Rudder

Head of Development

Emily Rudder is the Head of Development at Wonder Media Network. She works across WMN originals and branded podcasts for partners such as Audible, Shondaland and iHeartMedia. She has a background in nonprofit digital strategy and a BA in Urban Studies from Brown University.

Sara Schleede

Junior Producer

Sara Schleede is a junior producer at Wonder Media Network. Projects she has worked on include Teaching Texas, Possible, and Bridgerton: The Official Podcast. Prior to WMN, Sara attended the University of Texas at Austin, where she produced Texas Take, a weekly politics podcast, and her own show, 35, about one of Texas’ most prominent highways. She likes any story that finds deeper meaning behind seemingly straightforward things and still enjoys reporting on her home state as often as possible.

Lauren Williams

Production Assistant

Lauren Williams is a production assistant at Wonder Media Network. She has worked on White Picket Fence, a show that contextualizes political disruptions through a historical lens, I Was Never There, which complicates typical true crime narratives, and Bridgerton: The Official Podcast. A lover of public radio, Lauren previously worked at WBUR as an arts editor. She has degrees from The American University of Paris and Columbia Journalism School.

Taylor Williamson


Taylor Williamson is a producer at Wonder Media Network. Her work includes narrative and interview shows, including White Picket Fence, which explores today’s political hurdles through a historical lens, and The Amendment, a weekly news show with The 19th News. Her favorite podcasts are the ones that use pop culture as a lens to unpack society’s everyday issues. In her free time, you can find her scouring Resy for a table at New York’s best restaurants or catching up on her favorite TV shows.


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