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Teaching Texas

For 60 years, Texas dictated American education…

Introducing: Teaching Texas


About the Show

In 1961, Norma and Mel Gabler were a quiet couple living in Longview, Texas. One day, they noticed some factual errors in one of their sons’ textbooks. What began as a small complaint morphed into a multi-decade crusade to shape what children of Texas ​​— and therefore the country — read in their textbooks. This audio documentary charts how Texas dictated American education over the last sixty years and examines how the fight over our childrens’ classroom has only intensified today.

Teaching Texas | Episode 1

Chapter 1: Under God

On the outskirts of Hawkins, Texas, a couple found a problem in one of their kids’ school books. They didn’t have a background in education, but because they lived in Texas, their concern ignited a national movement and several decades of influence over what the rest of the country learned.



Season 1

Host & Creator: Grace Lynch
Executive Producer: Jenny Kaplan
Producers: Adesuwa Agbonile, Grace Lynch
Editor: Lindsey Kratochwill
Production Assistant: Sara Schleede
Original Theme Music: Chelsea Daniel


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