About Wonder Media Network


Wonder Media Network is a pioneering audio-first media company that uses stories to inspire action, to promote equality and justice, and to introduce empathy into politics, business, and culture.

Wonder Media Network (WMN) presents the stories we seldom hear and the perspectives we often miss. We dig in to the narratives of people - particularly women - who are stepping up to enact change. WMN is a women’s media company borne out of a sense that having a government that looks more like the people it represents can create a more just society for all.

Our flagship podcast, Women Belong in the House, covers stories of the record number of women running for office this November.


Our Team


Jenny Kaplan, CEO & Co-Founder

Jenny is an award-winning journalist who decided to quit her job at Bloomberg News to start something new. At Bloomberg, Jenny covered global business, touching on everything from Coca-Cola to cannabis. She also developed and co-hosted Bloomberg’s Material World podcast, where she fell in love with audio. Jenny graduated from Brown University.

Shira Atkins, CMO & Co-Founder

Shira has an extensive background in digital media, both on the content and business side. Before joining forces with the inimitable Jenny Kaplan, Shira ran a boutique brand strategy advisory based in NYC. Shira is a lover of Russian Literature and a devoted yoga practitioner.