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Pfizer Global Audio Strategy

Together, we made Pfizer the leading pharma brand in audio

Science Will Win, Season 3 Trailer


Pushing the Boundaries of Scientific Storytelling

After kicking off our partnership in 2018 with the development of one externally facing podcast and one employee-centric internal show, we’ve expanded our work with Pfizer year after year to develop, produce, and market award-winning shows. Building on that work in 2023, we led an ambitious digital transformation to unify more than 55 global podcasts into a cohesive audio network. We created a unique audio logo and sonic brand, established processes for all future audio projects, and continue to advise on using audio as the centerpiece of their brand storytelling efforts. With more productions in the works, this partnership continues to expand year over year.

Science Will Win | S3 Ep2

The Power of Data and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence could be an essential tool in the fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria – and data is a key part of developing that tool. In part two of this four-part series, expert guests break down the mechanics behind artificial intelligence and machine learning. As host Jeremiah Owyang traces the evolution of these tools in healthcare, he highlights the crucial role of data for understanding the problem of antibiotic resistance.


Our Work

We’re Pfizer’s core podcast production partner and strategic audio advisor.


We develop, script, produce, and sound design all of Pfizer’s premium podcasts, including Science Will Win and The Antigen. We manage all of the logistics from guest booking to host training. We work alongside Pfizer teams to craft cohesive, engaging episodes while adhering to complicated regulatory frameworks.


We advise Pfizer on its global audio strategy. After working with the team to unify its podcasting efforts into a premiere audio network with a distinct sonic brand, we’re now supporting the integration of audio across all marketing efforts, including events, awards, and larger strategic initiatives.

Marketing & Distribution

We leverage data-driven strategies to market podcasts across Pfizer’s audio network. From media planning to executive communications to technical expertise, we manage all aspects of promoting Pfizer’s podcasts long after production has ended.


We create beautiful artwork to compliment every podcast we produce that invites listeners to press play. After establishing clear brand guidelines for Pfizer teams to follow around the globe, we advise on art direction and supporting assets across Pfizer’s audio network.

The Antigen | Season 3 Trailer

Introducing The Antigen Season 3: Maternal Immunization

The Antigen returns with a three-part mini-series spotlighting maternal immunization. When it comes to vaccine development, there is a shifting paradigm – help protect pregnant women and their infants through research rather than from research. As maternal immunization is advancing vaccine science and innovation, this series delves into the history of maternal immunization, the potential benefits of boosting infant immunity, and the role of maternal antibodies in helping protect infants. We’ll also explore the challenges of maternal immunization and what the future holds. Listeners will hear from three experts who are making significant contributions to the field. This season of The Antigen is hosted by Kari Yacisin, MD. She is an infectious disease physician and the U.S. Medical Pipeline Vaccines Lead at Pfizer. Tune in on November 15th to listen to our first episode, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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