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As She Rises

Humanizing the elusive magnitude of climate change

Introducing Season 3


About the Show

As She Rises brings together local poets and activists from throughout North America to depict the effects of climate change on their home and their people. Each episode carries the listener to a new place through a collection of voices, local recordings, and soundscapes. Stories span from the Louisiana Bayou, to the tundras of Alaska to the drying bed of the Colorado River. Centering the voices of Native women and women of color, As She Rises personalizes the elusive magnitude of climate change.

As She Rises | S3 Ep6

For the last episode of the season 3, we’re traveling to the Colorado River Delta, south of Mexicali, Mexico: where all the waters from upstream are supposed to reach. Here, the Colorado River used to split into braided streams and tendrils, forming a complex estuary of riparian forests, rich wetlands, countless lagoons, and abundant wildlife. But today, the river water no longer reaches the sea. However, environmentalist groups have been working to restore sections of the delta and revitalize the river habitat. Edith Santiago, associate director of the Sonoran Insitute’s Colorado River Delta Program, has spent nearly 20 years connecting the river back to the sea. Maria Cisneros Smallcanyon reads her poem, “Un Radio Pierde Su Señal,” about watching a landscape that was once lush and lively turn sterile and silent.



Season 1

Host & Creator: Grace Lynch
Executive Producer: Jenny Kaplan
Producers: Grace Lynch, Liz Smith
Editorial Support: Emily Rudder, Alesandra Tejeda, Carmen Borca-Carillo

Season 2

Host & Creator: Grace Lynch
Executive Producer: Jenny Kaplan
Managing Producer: Emily Rudder
Producers: Grace Lynch, Lindsey Kratochwill, Liz Smith
Research & Writing: Carmen Borca-Carrillo, Alesandra Tejeda
Original Music: Andrea Kristinsdottir
Editorial Support: Aya Lane

Season 3

Host: Leah Thomas
Creator & Editor: Grace Lynch
Executive Producer: Jenny Kaplan
Head of Development: Emily Rudder
Producers: Carmen Borca-Carrillo, Ale Tejeda, Brittany Martinez, Adesuwa Agbonile, Sara Schleede
Original Music: Andrea Kristinsdottir, Jessica Jarvis


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