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Beyond Belief

We all want to believe in something

Introducing ~Beyond Belief~


About the Show

From satanic feminists, dolphin communicators, to stigmatists—take a leap of faith with Jerico Mandybur on Beyond Belief as she teases out what it means to believe. Part enlightening conversation, part edu-tainment, hear how society’s “weirdos” believe, and discover they’re not so weird in the process. After all, we all want to believe in something.

Beyond Belief | S1 Ep1

Satan the Feminist

How far have we come from the “Satanic panic”-marked 80s and 90s? On this episode of Beyond Belief, we explore the other side of Satanism. The side occupied by feminists and thinkers of all religious persuasions—and none. Our host Jerico Mandybur speaks to Jex Blackmore, a feminist activist, artist, and prominent Satanist to hear about her take on the Devil.



Season 1

Host: Jerico Mandybur
Executive Producer: Jenny Kaplan
Producer: Liz Smith
Production Assistant: Edie Allard
Editor: Liz Smith


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