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She Votes!

Our battle for the ballot

Introducing: She Votes!


About the Show

She Votes! digs into the complex history of the women’s suffrage movement and its enduring significance, hosted by award-winning journalists Ellen Goodman and Lynn Sherr. Having lived through—and covered—feminism’s second-wave, Goodman and Sherr tell the definitive story of suffrage.

She Votes! | S1 Ep1

Rochester, New York. 1872. Susan B. Anthony is arrested for the crime of “voting while female.” What happens next — an arrest, a trial, a verdict and a conviction — sets the stage for the next half a century of battling for the ballot.



Season 1

Hosts: Ellen Goodman, Lynn Sherr
Executive Producer: Jenny Kaplan
Producers: Maddy Foley, Edie Allard


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