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Who are the activists behind our biggest progressive victories?

Introducing: Build the Change


Encouraging Listeners to Take Action

We first started working with ActBlue in 2019 when the team sponsored the inaugural season of our award-winning podcast The Brown Girls Guide to Politics. After years of integrating ActBlue’s message into our shows through branded segments, bonus episodes, and bespoke ads, we had the opportunity to develop and produce the organization’s first podcast: Build the Change.

Build the Change | S1 Ep2

The Drag Queen vs The State of Texas

Sometimes, joy, celebration, and community are the best tools we have to fight against hate. When the Texas Legislature attempted to criminalize drag in the state, one drag queen used those exact tools to mobilize her community. We’ll learn how they successfully fought back against the attempt to stifle not just their careers, but their modes of expression. Plus, we take a visit to a drag story hour in Brooklyn, New York to talk to the community of people joining forces to drown out the hate.  This episode we’re talking about building change in the LGBTQ community.  Learn more about how you can get involved at actblue.com/buildthechange or follow us on Instagram and TikTok.


Our Work

Over the last five years, we’ve worked with ActBlue to amplify its message in audio, from sponsoring aligned shows to creating an original podcast.

Profiling Women Donors

Over multiple seasons of The Brown Girls Guide to Politics, we partnered with ActBlue to integrate its messaging into the show. On Season 9 we introduced a segment, On the Scene, to highlight women who have donated to the causes that are most important to them via ActBlue.

Connecting Listeners to Women’s Health Organizations

On Season 4 of Ordinary Equality: A Post-Roe World, we integrated custom mid-roll ads to connect listeners to organizations working to resist abortion bans. Those organizations were all ActBlue users.

Highlighting People at the Center of Progress

We worked hand in hand with the ActBlue team to develop Build the Change, a podcast that highlights the people at the center of progress and showcases the much needed work supported via their platform. We scripted, produced, and sound designed every episode, all while managing every last logistic.

Extending the Campaign Beyond Audio

We looked beyond the podcast marketing playbook to launch ActBlue’s first original podcast, successfully bringing aligned listeners to the new show and amplifying ActBlue’s message well beyond the podcast. From media planning to event activations, we worked to integrate the podcast into ActBlue’s larger communications strategy.

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