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Possible with Reid Hoffman

What if, in the future, everything
breaks humanity’s way?

Introducing: A New Possible


The Brightest Possible Version of the Future

With the breakneck pace of technological change — particularly when it comes to AI — there is no shortage of content positing its potential to doom us all. All that doom and gloom is missing the point: technology is key to building the future we want. Reid Hoffman aimed to create a podcast to convince listeners from his influential peer set and beyond that technology is not only something to be optimistic about, but is a necessary, game-changing tool to benefit humanity. WMN brought the idea to life in early 2023. Since, we have produced multiple seasons and adapted the show to a new, always-on format. We worked together to craft the sonic brand of the show and continue to manage all aspects of production, design, and marketing.

Possible with Reid Hoffman | S1 Ep1

Trevor Noah on the Future of Entertainment and AI

What if every TV show could be perfectly tailored to each viewer’s interests, knowledge level, and needs? Reid Hoffman and Aria Finger sit down with Trevor Noah to talk about how technology—including artificial intelligence—might influence the future of entertainment. They chat about the strengths and shortcomings of artificial intelligence, how jobs—and the way we will work—will evolve with AI, and even the nature of capitalism. Trevor responds to a speculative story, generated by GPT-4, that paints a picture of a futuristic “AI-ly Show.” Plus, he reviews some unexpected AI-generated light bulb jokes. Is GPT-4 actually funny?


Our Work

We work with Reid’s team to manage all aspects of Possible, from production to design to audience development.


We produce and sound design weekly episodes of Possible, including integrating a unique AI element into each episode. We work hand in hand with the team to craft questions and episode arcs while managing all of the logistics from guest booking to host training.

Marketing & Distribution

We leverage data-driven strategies to introduce new listeners to Possible and expand the reach of the show. From media planning to executive communications to technical expertise, we manage all aspects of promoting Possible on a weekly basis.


We developed Possible’s striking key art from scratch and continue to work with the team to create beautiful supporting assets each week that invite listeners to press play. We’ve built out the Possible universe to include new art for themed episodes, bookmarks, and video assets.

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