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Was that the full story?

A Look Inside Our Art Direction

In the lead up to launching their hit podcast Ripple, APM Studios engaged WMN to develop a smart and versatile visual identity for their show. We stepped in to lead a 6-week development process that resulted in finalized podcast art and a distinct brand identity.


Our Work

We worked with the team to develop a visual identity for Ripple, a new series investigating the stories we were told were over.

Identifying a Creative Direction

After meeting with the team to identify what made this story unique to them and brainstorm initial ideas, we presented three conceptual directions of where we could go from there. With inspiration from the audio, we iterated on these directions until we had final visuals.

Standing Out Among the Crowd

We conducted a landscape analysis of similar podcasts to identify patterns and see where there were opportunities to stand out.

Creating a Lasting Versatile Design

It was important to the team that the design be flexible to allow for potential future seasons of the show that focused on a different storyline. Knowing that Season One investigated the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, we had to create a logo and art that was specific to the season but had elements that could be replicable across forthcoming seasons.

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