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Mercedes-Benz USA

For Women’s History Month, we put women in the driver’s seat
Womanica | S2 Ep180

In the Driver’s Seat: Coco Chanel


Driving Brand Affinity Through Women’s Stories

Over the years, we’ve worked with Mercedes-Benz to position the brand as a champion of women’s equality through branded segments, bonus episodes, and bespoke ads across a host of our original shows.

Womanica | S2 Ep180

In the Driver’s Seat: Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel (1883-1971) was a revolutionary force in 20th century fashion and creator of the little black dress.


Our Work

We’ve partnered with Mercedes-Benz USA on multiple months of Womanica. We developed original campaigns, including “In the Driver’s Seat;” and expanded existing campaigns into the audio medium, including “I Am Mercedes.

The Women at the Helm of the Legacy

In 2021, we launched “Women in the Driver’s Seat” on Womanica during Women’s History Month. Throughout the month long takeover, we ran custom pre-rolls in daily episodes and built bonus episodes that dropped on Saturdays featuring women-past and present-who are integral to the Mercedes-Benz legacy.

Using Existing Campaign Collateral in Audio

During a multi-month partnership on Womanica and The Accidental Activist in 2022, we brought the “I Am Mercedes” campaign to life in audio through customized pre rolls, bonus episodes, and branded segments featuring the voices of real women who MBUSA has helped chase their dreams.

Amplifying Audio Campaigns on Social and Beyond

Throughout the “I Am Mercedes” campaign, we worked with MBUSA to promote our partnership beyond audio, coordinating creative, out-of-home, and social advertisements.

A Brand Lift Study Proved That Our Collaboration Amplified MBUSA as a Champion of Women

85% of listeners strongly agreed that MB is dedicated to uplifting women after listening to Mercedes-Benz ads in Womanica episodes. Listener consideration to buy MB vehicles increased post exposure to the ads on Womanica. Over 80% of listeners had a favorable view of the Mercedes brand after listening to the ads on Womanica. After hearing all the Mercedes-Benz ads on Womanica, 76% of respondents agreed Mercedes-Benz is authentic in their mission to uplift women.


Of Respondents in a Brand Lift Study Agreed Mercedes-Benz is Authentic in Their Mission to Uplift Women Following a Campaign on Womanica

+ 4.1 M

Impressions Across Audio Campaigns

+ 8 M

Impressions Across Social Campaigns


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