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Planned Parenthood

Reproductive justice for all

Women’s Healthcare: Keeping Up The Fight


Humanizing the Stories Behind the Push for Reproductive Justice

We first started working with Planned Parenthood in 2021, when they partnered on season six of The Brown Girls Guide to Politics. For the past three years, we’ve been integrating their messaging of choice and the importance of reproductive healthcare through branded segments, bonus episodes, and bespoke ads across our original shows.

The Brown Girl’s Guide to Politics | S6 Ep3

Women’s Healthcare: Keeping Up The Fight

Welcome to The Brown Girls Guide to Politics Podcast. Host A’shanti Gholar speaks to Dr. Meera Shah, Chief Medical Officer at Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic. They discuss the state of women’s health care in the US, what its future might look like under the Biden-Harris administration, and the importance of having a government that understands the realities BIPOC folks are facing in our healthcare system.


Our Work

Since 2021, we’ve worked with Planned Parenthood to amplify the importance of women’s healthcare across our original shows.

Positioning Planned Parenthood as a Trusted Resource

Season 6 of The Brown Girls to Politics featured PPFA voices who spoke on issues ranging from the disparate impacts of COVID-19 on communities of color to the future of healthcare for Black women in the U.S.

Life after Roe

On Season 4 of White Picket Fence, branded segments within the show highlighted the stories of women whose life had been impacted by the fall of Roe v. Wade. The segments highlighted just how difficult it has become for women across the country to access medical care and how Planned Parenthood works to resist abortion bans.

Hearing From Those impacted

In Spring 2023 we created bespoke ads at the top of each episode of Womanica. Throughout the flight, we dropped bonus episodes on Saturday, featuring the stories of women who had chosen to have abortions. These impactful and difficult stories showcased the impact of the fall of Roe, almost exactly one year after it was overturned.


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