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Stories from The Kendeda Fund

An exploration of meaningful legacy

Introducing: Stories from The Kendeda Fund


A Lifetime’s Worth of Memories

In the early 1990s, Diana Blank began a remarkable and unconventional philanthropic journey. After more than one billion dollars in grantmaking, Diana closed the Fund she had created. WMN partnered with Diana and her Kendeda family to memorialize three decades of philanthropy.

Stories from the Kendeda Fund | S1 Ep1

Episode 1 – Family: Diana & Dena

Blessed with wealth she never envisioned having, Diana Blank began a remarkable and unconventional philanthropic journey in the early 1990s. Ten years ago her daughter, Dena Kimball, joined Diana on that journey. In this opening episode, mother and daughter sit down for an intimate, at times hilarious, discussion about The Kendeda Fund’s origins, what it means to give away more than $1 billion, and the impact that Diana’s philanthropy has made over the past thirty years. 


Our Approach

WMN created an audio time capsule, giving future generations a glimpse into The Kendeda Fund’s unique legacy.

Production & Development

WMN led team workshops and 1:1 sessions to devise an audio storytelling project that captured the spirit of The Kendeda Fund. The end result was a multi-part series in which each episode had a unique format, all unified by beautiful sound design.


To pair with each unique episode, WMN created layered, colorful episodic artwork inspired by some of the most compelling photography captured during Kendeda’s 30-year journey.

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